Our students are a warm and friendly group of people who all have one thing in common, they love to dance and they do it very well. They enhance our atmosphere with their enduring love and enthusiasm for dance. They will make you feel very comfortable here and make you glad you chose L'ambiance Dance Centre to take your lessons.

  • Pat/Peter MCann
    My wife and I signed up with L'ambiance not knowing anything about Ballroom dancing,or any other kind of dancing for that matter. We had a good feeling on meeting Al, the ownner, and as it turned out, it was a fortuitous decision. We've been at L'ambiance for 1 and 1/2 years and have discovered a wonderful place of fun and good feeling. The teachers are outstanding dancers and excellent teachers who are committed to their students. There is a diverse range of members in age, profession, state of life, and ethnicity. More importantly, the members are welcoming and supportive and make it comfortable and easy to learn. Learning a skill that will last the rest of one's life, having fun while doing it, and meeting interesting people is what L'ambiance is about. Who wouldn't find that an enjoyable and rewarding experience?

  • Batia
    Dance evokes powerful emotions in all of us. In learning, "Example is Everything." In my mind, Al is the epitome of what a dance teacher should be. He is professional at all times in his relationship with the students. He is firm but compassionate, dedicated and committed to the individual success of each student. Al sets high standards for himself and expects no less from his students, who, with practice, rise to his expectations.

    Success depends on praise and positive models of excellence in dance. Al is such a role model. He consistently, either in private lessons, group lessons or practice sessions, demonstrates compassion, dedication, respect and commitment to the enjoyment and success of the students.

    Al recognizes individual strengths and is very perceptive in his awareness of an individual's learning style, in order to achieve success. Students are empowered by his belief in their abilities. A great deal of time is spent in assisting and modifying instructional techniques to meet all learning styles.

    Students are validated at all times. Al is respected by all and is approachable and ready to offer a helping hand, or some sound advise.

    Al exemplifies what effective teaching and learning is all about. We all rise to all the challenges presented and always benefit from his positive energy and attitude. We all feel welcome and are drawn to his enthusiastic goal oriented mentality. He definitely is deserving of all of the above accolades. I highly recommend L'ambiance Dance Centre.


  • Donna
    When I found your dance studio in the Yellow Pages and came in for my free consultation, it was like "WOW". All my Private Lessons with you have truly been a great learning experience. In the short time I have been here you have taught me plenty. Each time I leave my session I am just so proud of ME and thankful for having found YOU. Thank you, thank you and many more thanks. Truly Happy

  • Martin/Eliza
    Dancing is not about moving your body to music...it's about feeling the mysterious harmony between your mind and body. Carla and Al introduced us to the wonderful world of Waltz, Foxtrot and Cha Cha with impeccable professionalism, dedication and patience. L'ambiance Dance Centre is the place for everyone who truly wants to learn what dancing is all about. At L'ambiance we met many wonderful people who share our passion for dancing.

  • Marian
    L'ambiance creates a fun and friendly atmosphere for their students. Each and every class is enjoyable. The teachers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and love teaching their students new steps and techniques. Whether you are already an experienced dancer or don't have a clue about dancing, this is a fantastic place to learn. I feel lucky to have found this studio and would recommend L'ambiance to anyone who wants to dance.

  • Agostino
    Al and Carla are dedicated teachers. They are patient and supportive people. Their lessons are fun and productive. The clients at L'ambiance are good and helpful dance partners.

  • Robert
    I was taking lessons at another school for over 2 years and felt my dancing was going nowhere, so I quit. Within two weeks of looking I found L'ambiance at Steeles and Yonge and was very impressed on my first lesson. I learned more in one hour than in a lifetime. At L'ambiance Dance Centre you will learn to dance from the masters of dance and fulfill your life long dream. Accept the challenge. I strongly recommend L'ambiance to everybody. I'm on my eleventh lesson and have the foundation of Waltz, Foxtrot and Rumba with variations; three months, three dances, at one lesson per week. Now that's fast. See you out on the floor. P.S. The women ask me to dance.

  • Perry/Fenella
    We have been taking lessons from L'ambiance for over 4 years. They are simply the best instructors and we highly recommend them to anyone who would like to dance well

  • Mike/Carole
    So many thank yous for creating a routine for our first dance as a married couple. For your patience while we learned it and for working with us until we got it right. You were right, the whole dance was what was important and we impressed a lot of people that night. We also had a lot of fun as well.

  • Helen
    The atmosphere and friendliness leaves nothing to be desired... I have met many wonderful people and formed friendships that will last a long time... I would strongly recommend L'ambiance as the place to go to learn to trip the light fantastic.

  • Don/Sheny
    We came to L'ambiance to learn some steps for our wedding dance. We decided to do a Tango. We got to choose our music and Carla choreographed a beautiful dance for us! It was a big hit! In addition to providing fun and exercise, L'ambiance has helped fulfill a longtime dream!

  • Nader/Sheri
    We can't thank you enough for helping us make our wedding an extremely special event. The time we spent with you learning our wedding dance was filled with laughter and great fun.

  • Ranier/Sarah
    Thank you very much for your dedication to the dances for our wedding. Working with L'ambiance made Ranier, my father and myself feel 100% assured that our routines would look magnificent. Your expertise and dedication to perfection paid off on our big day. Thank you both.

  • Mariam G
    Learning to dance at L'ambiance Dance Centre is a wonderful experience I will enjoy all my life. This knowledge is priceless.

  • Cathy/Tim
    Thank you for teaching us to dance for our wedding in record time. We had so much fun and we are hooked on it!

  • Liz
    Learning to dance at L'ambiance continues to be a delightfully challenging experience in a highly supportive environment. In addition to receiving excellent private instructions and working with fellow students, I am improving my confidence as a dancer . . . . and having lots of fun!!!

  • M/E
    Charming, professional and caring. We love L'ambiance. It's a great place to dance.

  • Mark/Elena
    L'ambiance is a friendly, warm and professional dance studio. We enjoy it immensely.

  • The Board of Directors - Sinfonia
    As we draw near the close of our 2003-2004 season, and sum up the orchestra's achievements this year, we feel that the ball was a great highlight, and recognize that your marvelous demonstrations made a tremendous contribution to its success. We would like to once again convey our deepest thanks for your assistance and artistry.



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